Kawaii Quokkas, Influencers from Down Under – One Minute Nature Show

Quokkas are quirky, kawaii marsupials native to Western Australia, and they’re quite famous on the internet. While their numbers have declined on mainland Australia, on Rottnest Island, they are numerous, and their populations are between 10,000 and 12,000.

Because of the quokkas prevalence on Rottnest, the Dutch settlers originally named the island Rattenest or “Rat’s Nest” because they thought the quokkas were giant rats. I mean, the Dutch did settle what is now New York City, which has actual giant rats.

Anyways, with all the quokkas cavorting about Rottnest Island, social media influencers started a trend called “quokka selfies”, where tourists take photos with the cuddly critters. The trend reached its height in the mid 2010s, but these micro macropods are no less cute than they were back then.

Whoops! My time’s up! So tune in next time for another episode of One Minute Nature Show!

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