You are a Treasure, Waiting to Be Discovered

How would you describe yourself? Would you be kind? Or would you be cruel? Let me spin the wheels in your mind.

Picture yourself as glittering gold in a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea. Down here, it’s cold and dark, and everything seems hopeless. Ships steam above you, and divers swim right beside you. Some passerby may even pick you up and look at you. But, as soon as they see that you’re covered in mud, they cast you right back into the abyss.

You may remain in the sea for decades, centuries, or even, millennia, but you are no less valuable than gold that glimmers under the sun. Gold is still gold, whether it’s on full display or hidden away. Embrace the cold, dark depths of rejection and failure. Let the waters loosen the mud that obscures your glow. Then, when you emerge from the sea, you will shine under the sun.

Know your value, and never lose sight of it. No matter how deep under the sea you are, no matter how mired you are in mud, you…you are still gold.

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