The Most Serene Cabin in Shenandoah

Near Shenandoah National Park lies a cabin like no other. This serene and secluded abode is situated on a clear mountain stream and looks more like a painting than real life.

In May 2021, my wife and I were looking into cabins around Shenandoah and found this unique lodging on Airbnb. Listed as Log Cabin on the River, that’s exactly what this place is.

If you ever been camping or slept in a cabin, you probably know that it’s rare to stay in a place that’s completely secluded. Often, you’re surrounded by the lights and noises of other campers, and it can be hard to feel like you’re out in the wilderness.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing a campsite with others, but if you’re ever after that feeling of being temporarily cut off from civilization, this is a good place for that. The cabin has all the modern necessities, except for electronics.

From what I can remember, there’s some weak wifi, and cell service is pretty much nonexistent. There’s also no TV anywhere, but chances are, you’re not staying here to watch TV. And, if you are, you can just bring a tablet with pre-downloaded media.

In a world where you have all the excitement and worries at your fingertips, this cabin is a place where you can retreat into nature and disconnect.

Now, of course, all this seclusion might seem like the premise to a campy horror movie, but there’s a neighborhood right next to the woods, so you’re not so far from civilization. But you can pretend that you are.

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