Falling into Winter

December is here, and autumn is falling into winter. We’re now in the home stretch of 2020. This has been an unforgettable year. Let’s pray it doesn’t spring any more unpleasant surprises. But enough of that.

Let’s go out for a hike into the woods and admire the fall foliage. Enjoy this relaxing seasonal video filmed in a deciduous autumn forest, where the air is chilly and smells like campfires, and the leaves are golden and crunch under your feet. By the end, you’ll be ready to kick off your boots and crawl into your sleeping bag.

Now, of course, since it IS December, you’re probably in the mood for winter content. So here’s an older video of mine called “Snow Birds”. Imagine your porch blanketed in white (if it isn’t already) and watch these beautiful birds hunt for seeds in the snow.

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