My Top 10 Wildlife Videos (So Far)

This is a sequel to my earlier post My Top 20 Wildlife Photos (So Far). In this post, I am including my best and most popular YouTube videos so far. Ironically, even though I primarily focus on nature and wildlife, my most popular video at this point features the huge road trains in Australia. I have not ranked these videos in any particular order, but these are among my best, although I have a LOT more footage from the past and present that I haven’t even uploaded to YouTube yet. Footage from my cassowary video was featured in Episode One of the BBC documentary series Nature’s Weirdest Events – Series 4.

Cassowary Screenshot A screenshot from my cassowary video.

Southern Cassowaries (Casuarius casuarius) at Etty Bay, Queensland

As I mentioned, clips from this video were featured in Episode One of the BBC documentary series Nature’s Weirdest Events – Series 4.

Eyed Click Beetle

This video is extremely popular. At first, I couldn’t understand why, but I think it’s because this beetle’s clicking behavior is so bizarre.

Mudskippers: Fish That Can Walk on Land

This video, narrated by yours truly, is my second most popular YouTube video right now. Learn about the fantastic amphibious mudskipper fish.

Road Trains – Australia’s HUGE Trucks!!!

Obviously, road trains are not animals, but this is my most popular video, and it’s the only one on this list that’s not related to animals or nature.

Squirrels Eating Doritos

Title says it all. Squirrels eating Doritos.

The Jumping Crocodiles of Northern Australia

Watch these huge saltwater crocodiles lunge out of the turbid waters of the Adelaide River to snap up juicy slabs of buffalo meat.

Snow Birds

Northern cardinals, mourning doves, dark-eyed juncos, and a variety of other songbirds waltz in a winter wonderland.

Eastern Hognose Snake (Heterodon platirhinos)

This is one of my oldest videos, and it’s the only one on this list where I get some screen time.

Black Bear Bathing

This is one of my newest videos, and it’s also one of my favorites.

Osprey (aka Seahawk) Feeding Chicks

Another older video. I set up a camera to film this mother osprey feeding her chicks.

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