The Wreck of the SS Yongala

23 March 1911. The steamship SS Yongala is nearing the end of her 99th voyage in Australian waters. She departs the town of Mackay at 1340 (1:40 pm) en route … Continue reading The Wreck of the SS Yongala

8 Cool Clownfish Facts

Thanks to the popular Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo, clownfish are among the world’s most popular fish. Scuba divers hope to encounter them, and aquarists hope to own them. But what’s … Continue reading 8 Cool Clownfish Facts

Do Fish Sleep?

Have you ever watched fish swimming around in an aquarium and wondered if they needed sleep? Surely, they have to rest sometimes, right? Well, yes, they do, but it’s not … Continue reading Do Fish Sleep?

Two Months in Australia.

Well, I’ve officially been in Australia for two months. Since arriving here, time has traveled at a strange pace. Sometimes, days have passed like weeks, and other times, days have … Continue reading Two Months in Australia.