The Northern Cardinal, Pretty Punk Rock Passerines – One Minute Nature Show

Hey, adventurers! Here’s the script to my newest episode of One Minute Nature Show! This episode is about the archetypal, mohawked American bird, the northern cardinal!

Northern cardinals are small passerine birds that live in eastern North America. They primarily eat weed seeds, grains, and fruits and are often attracted to backyard bird feeders.

Male cardinals look like this:

Female cardinals look like this:

Males cardinals are territorial and use songs to mark their territories. These songs sound like this! (See video below.)

In the winter, cardinals fluff up their down feathers to keep warm air from exiting their bodies, almost like a wearing a fluffy winter coat.

Whelp! Time’s up. Catch ya again on another episode of One Minute Nature Show!

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