March 2012 in Review

After a (mostly) dreary winter, March has been an excellent month.  Arthropods are out and about and many other ectothermic (cold-blooded) critters have emerged from hibernation.  Here are a few of March’s highlights:

I photographed the Eastern Cottonmouth at close (but safe) range.  Close enough to warrant the infamous threat display.

I documented a species of parasitic wasp tackling a cricket nymph.

I photographed my first clearly visible compound eyes.

After nearly a six month drought, I captured a decent shot on a dragonfly in flight and continue to acquire better dragonfly-in-flight shots every day.  This particular dragonfly is a harlequin darner.

I happened upon a teneral (newly emerged) dragonfly, watched it open its wings for the first time, test them, and fly off my hand.

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